Mysore Paakh Recipe

Mysore Paakh Recipe

Ingredients Required:

Bengal gram flour   – 2 cups
Sugar                    – 5 cups.
Ghee                     – 5 cups.
Water                    – 4 cups.

Mysore Paakh Preparation:

In a heavy bottom pan fry bengal gram flour for 5 minutes without adding any oil or ghee and keep it aside. Now in another pan add sugar and water and bring it to boil, then add fried bengal gram flour and stir constantly so that lumps are formed, then slowly add ghee to the mixture, and stir 15 min. when the mixture releases ghee on the side of the pan, put off the flame and pour the boiled mixture on a plate and spread well and allow it to cool to room temperature.

Then with help of a knife cut the mixture into pieces. Delicious Mysore Paakh is ready to eat.