India Quiz 3

India Quiz 3

1.  When did Morarji Desai die?

2.  Which portfolio was held by Morarji Desai when Lal Bahadur Shastri was Prime Minister?

3.  From which college did Morarji Desai graduate?

4.  When did Morarji Desai resign as Prime Minister?

5.  Which was Morarji Desai’s party when he was Prime Minister?

6.  Which award was conferred on Morarji Desai by Pakistan?

7.  Which State had Morarji Desai as its Chief Minister?

8.  When was Morarji Desai born?

9.  Which unprecedented action was taken by Morarji Desai’s Government soon after it came to power at Centre?

10.  When was Morarji Desai sworn in as Prime Minister of India?