Goddess Chandraghanta Matha

Goddess Chandraghanta Matha

Deity Chandraghanta Matha is the third form of Goddess Durga who is worshipped on the third day of Dussera Navaratri festival. Chandra hanta Matha symbolizes for bravery, peace and prosperity and get eternal strength in life those who worship her. Goddess Chandra hanta Matha has a crescent moon on forehead in bell shaped so called her name as Chandra ghanta.

chandraghanta navadurga the nine forms of goddessChandraghanta Matha emphasized in a golden bright complexion, with ten hands were eight of her hands holds weapons like bow, arrow, lotus, discus, rosary, trident, mace and sword and the remaining two are in mudras. She has three eyes and rides on a lion. Chandraghanta Matha looks charming and is a symbol of bravery possessing great strength to fight, so her idol is posed as ready for war with demons. Her pleasant looks clears all sorrows and sadness of her devotees. Her roaring voice alerts and makes the Demons to tremble. By the grace of Mother Chandraghanta all sins of the sadhak (striver) are burnt up and obstacles removed.

People who worship goddess Chandraghanta will fulfill their wishes. Since her vehicle is lion and so her worshiper becomes valorous and fearless like a lion. The sound of her bell always protects her devotees from evil spirits. As soon as the sadhak invokes her, her bell immediately becomes active and starts ringing to protect the devotee under her shelter.

Goddess Chandraghanta matha is always busy in suppressing the evil she looks most serene to her worshipers with gentle and peaceful and cultivates bravery and fearlessness in the devotees. Through worshiping deity Chandraghanta matha one can get rid of all sorrows and attain the supreme goal. Deity Chandraghanta matha is very close to her devotees and controls their anger and protects them from danger.

Chandraghanta matha is worshipped in this form in Kanchipuram at Tamil Nadu. Even in Srisailam Devasthanam in Andhra Pradesh also has a temple of deity Chandraghanta Matha. Raja Harischandra was a popular legend and was a great devotee of Chandraghanta Matha.