Famous Temples in Vijayawada

Famous Temples in Vijayawada

Vijayawada is located in Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh is the third largest city located on the banks of The Krishna River. According to Mythology Vijayawada is known as Vijayavata, and is mentioned in some inscriptions as Rajendracholapura also. Vijayawada is beautiful city which is bounded by Indrakiladri Hills on the West and Budameru River on the North. Vijayawada is a bustling commercial centre and visited by thousands of tourists every year. Vijayawada city in Andhra Pradesh is hometown to temples – the Kanakadurga temple, the Malleswara temple, Mangalagiri, Amaravati and the Vijayeswara temple.

Malleswara temple:- Lord Shiva is worshipped at Malleswara temple. Arjuna came to Indrakila Hills to meditate and get astras from Lord Shiva before the battle at Kurukshetra. The Lord appeared before him as a hunter and a fight ensued. At the end of the battle Lord Shiva blessed Arjuna with Pasupatha Astra. Mythology also says that this temple was established by the Pandava prince Yuddhishtra.

Kanakadurga temple:- The temple is located on the Indrakeeladri hill, on the banks of Krishna River. The abode of Kanaka Durga, goddess of power, riches and benevolence, is the presiding deity of the city. Kanaka Durga is the supreme Goddess of Andhra Pradesh, attracting lakhs of tourists since time immemorial. It is said that the growing menace of demons became unbearable for the natives. Sage Indrakila meditated and when the goddess appeared the sage pleaded goddess to reside on his head and keep the city safe from demons. As per his wish, Goddess Durga made this place her permanent abode. It is believed that Adi Sankara visited this temple and installed the Sri Chakra here.

famous temples in vijayawada

Vijayeswara temple:- This temple belongs to the period of Pandavas. It is believed that the idol was installed by Arjuna himself in order to commemorate his victory over Lord Shiva. Arjuna succeeded in emerging victorious over lord Shiva in the form of a Kirata or hunter. It is difficult for anyone to resist visiting a temple.

Mangalagiri temple:- Mangalagiri is at a distance of 12 km from Vijayawada. It is known for the shrine dedicated to Panakala Narasimha Swamy. In Krita Yuga, a prince by name Hrusva Sringi did penance in this place and to get rid of his deformities. When Lord Vishnu appeared before him the prince desired that the God remained there for ever to bless devotees. The prince first transformed himself into an elephant and then into a hill. It is interesting to note that Mangalagiri is in the shape of an elephant. The presiding deity is Lord Narasimha. A unique feature is that only Panakam (water mixed with jaggery) is offered to the Lord as Neivedyam. Mangalagiri is also a abode of Lord Hanuman. Sri Rama, at the end of His avatar, advised Hanuman to stay in Mangalagiri for ever. He is the Kshetrapalaka of the shrine.

Amaravati: – The temple of Lord Amareswara is on the banks of river Krishna. The Lingam is 15 feet high and carved out of marble. The temple is known for both Dravidian and Buddhist architectures. Mythology says that when Lord Subramanian killed Tarakasura, the Lingam in his throat fell over five places. All these places are holy Siva Kshetras. Amaravati is one of the main pilgrim centers. Since Indra and Devas worshipped the Lord here the city was named Amaravati after Indra`s capital. Goddess Shakti is worshipped as Bala Chamundika Devi at this shrine.