Diwali celebrations in different Communities of India

Diwali celebrations in different Communities of India

In India Diwali festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the dark fortnight of the Hindu month of Ashwin which falls in the month of  October or November every year. This Diwali festival is a true spirit festival which brings togetherness and sense of oneness among families and different communities with love and joy in India. Every city, town and village through out the country are turned into a fairy land with millions of electric light, earthen oil lamps which illuminates every house.

Diwali festival is a symbol of unity where person in poor hut or a rich man in mansion, lit with small earthen lamps to welcome goddess Laxmi, Goddess of wealth and prosperity. This five day festival Diwali is celebrated differently in different communities in India with common point as it is celebrated as the festival of joy and happiness.

Diwali festival Celebrated by Jains:

Festival of Diwali is a very important day for the Jains because the Jains Lord Mahavira had attained Nirvana by discarding his body and the bondage of all karmas on the night of Diwali at Karthika Krishna during the swati nakshatra to attain Mukthi and a state of bliss. In Jain community, the Diwali festival is marked as ‘Nirvana’ or the attainment of Moksha by Lord Mahavir.

Diwali festival celebrated by Sikhs:

The Sikhs community in India celebrates Diwali festival as the return Guru Hargobind Ji who is the sixth Guru who was released from the captivity of the city, Gwalior. The history states two reasons for his imprisonment for his commitment of his undying love for Sikhism, the people lit the way to Golden Temple in Haridwar Sahib (referred in his honor.

Diwali celebrations in Krishna Temples :

Diwali the most popular Hindu festival that unites the whole of India. Most of the Krishna temples celebrate Diwali with great devotion and enthusiasm. In Krishna temples Diwali festival is celebrated in honour of Lord Rama’s return in Ayodhya.