Beechupally Temple in Mahabubnagar Dist

Beechupally is one of the popular temple for the god Anjeneya swamy. This temple is famous in Mahabubnagar district.  Beechupally is a village. It is a Itikyal Mandal in Mahabubnagar district in Andhra Pradesh state.Beechupally temple is located near by Krishna river. Beechupally road is National highway. A road bridge built in 1950 helped trading between Rayalaseema and Telangana regions of the Andhra Pradesh.

Hunuman temple about 200 meters away from the river and a Shiva lingam temple near the river. During the rainy season, the water flow becomes high enough to touch the Shiva lingam temple. Lord rama temple was also built in the area. For the convenience of devotees, a number of ghats were built for Push Kara snanam. A pushkara bath that takes place every 12 years.  it is one of the most important places for pushkara snanam . Number of people were visiting for the God Hunuman swamy.

All facilities near by beechupally village. There are  SVITS college and Palamuru university PG college. One govt. school also there. It is Govt.residential school (Gurukula patasal ) and it is govt based school. This school is very useful to poor people to build higher education. It is near by Alampur temple also. Distance from Hyderabad to beechupally 104 km. How to reach beechupally? For example from Hyderabad city via jadcherla-kothakota , distance 167 km.