Baby Boy Names Starting with A

Baby Boy Names Starting with Alphabet A

Abhyudaya :  sunrise, elevation, increase, prosperity
Abhyudita :  elevated, risen, prosperous
Abjayoni :  born of the lotus, another name for Brahma
Abjit: :  conquering water
Achal: :  constant
Achalapati: :  lord of the immovable, lord of mountain
Achalendra: :  lord of the immovable, the Himalayas
Achalesvara: :  god of the immovable, another name for Shiva
Achanda: :  not of the hot temper, without anger, gentle
Acharya, Aacharya: :  teacher, another name for Drona, Asvaghosa and Krpa
Acharyanandana: :  son of the teacher, another name for Aswatthama
Acharyasuta: :  son of the teacher, another name for Aswatthama
Acaryatanaya: :  son of the teacher, another name for Aswatthama
Achindra: :  flawless, uninterrupted, perfect
Achintya: :  inconceivable; a name of Lord Shiva; beyond comprehension
Achyut, Achyuta: :  imperishable; indestructible; a name of Vishnu
Achyutaraya: :  worshipper of the infallible, a devotee of Vishnu
Adalarasu: :  king of dance
Adarsh: :  ideal
Adesh: :  command
Adhik: :  greater
Adhikara: :  principal, controller, right
Adhipa: :  king, ruler
Adhita: :  a scholar
Adil: :  sincere; just
Adinath: :  the first lord; Lord Vishnu
Adikavi: :  first poet
Adit: :  from the beginning
Aditeya: :  another name for the sun
Aditya: :  the sun
Adityanandana: :  son of the sun
Adityavardhana: :  augmented by glory
Adripathi: :  master of the mountains
Adwaita, Advaitha: :  non-duality
Adway, Adwaya: :  one; united
Aftab,Aftaab: :  the sun
Agasti, Agastya: :  name of a sage
Agha: :  pre-eminent
Aghat: :  destroyer of sin
Agharna: :  the moon
Agneya: :  son of agni
Agnikumara: :  son of agni
Agniprava: :  bright as the fire
Agrim: :  leader; first
Agriya: :  first best
Ahsan: :  mercy
Aijaz: :  favour
Aiman: :  fearless
Ainesh: :  the sun’s glory
Ajatashatru: :  without enemies
Ajay: :  invincible; unconquerable
Ajendra: :  king of mountains
Ajinkya: :  invincible
Ajit, Ajeet: :  invincible
Ajitabh: :  one who has conquered the sky
Ajitesh: :  Vishnu
Ajmal: :  pious
Ajamil: :  a mythological king
Akalmash: :  stainless, pure
Akash, Akaash: :  the sky
Akul: :  a name of Lord Shiva
Alagan: :  handsome
Alagarasu: :  handsome king, King of beauty
Alam, Aalam: :  the whole world
Alamgir: :  the lord of the whole world
Aleem: :  knowledgeable
Alhad: :  joy
Ali: :  protected by god
Alok: :  a man with lovely hair
Aloke: :  light