East India Temples   West India Temples
India is a land of diversities. The people of every faith and religion live together to create a unique and colorful mosaic. There is a festival for every reason and for every season. North India Temple Tour will take us to the temples of North India and Madhya Pradesh. The temples of Khajuraho are among the finest example of temple craftsmanship in the whole of India.
West India is a home to many pilgrimage sites in India. The Ashtavinayaka, Shree Siddhi Vinayak, Saibaba and Ajanta are some of the important pilgrimage places in Maharasthra.Goa-For its beaches, Rann of Katch -Gujarat, Temples of Ajanta & Ellora- Aurangabad, After the vibrant atmosphere of Bombay, allow the palm-fringed beaches of Goa to warm your spirit in the sun and relax your mind.
North India Temples   South India Temples
Temples of North India are most heavenly spirits and holy figures, visit the most  famous temples in north India that will spell binds you through their holy environments and architecture. The famous visiting important pilgrimage  temple centers for Hindus in North India are located in orchha,indore,khajuraho and varanasi. South India temples are lavishly built and aesthetically designed, there are several towns that are referred to as the temple towns southern India is spotted with places of religious interest. Southern temples are developed in Dravidian style. The vimana and gopurams style are the distinctive characteristics of the southern temples.
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