Hidimbeshwara Temple in Karnataka

Hidimbeshwara Temple in Karnataka

Hidimbeshwara temple in Karnataka is a cave temple and is the oldest holy place at hill located in Chitradurga. This Hidimbeshwara temple has grand view of a hilly landscape and panoramic views of the city with its famous artistic beauty and temple showcases the marvelous sculpture made out of rocks.

The temple of Hidimbeshwara has a vast kettle-drum of about 6 feet in height and 10 feet in circumference which is said belonged to the legendary Bhima of Mahabharata. There are stones which provide the base for the gunpowder for Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan in this temple of Hidimbeshwara.

Hidimbeshwara temple

The Hidimbeshwara temple is built in Dravidian style of architecture. The temple, entrance, walls and doors are all beautifully carved which reveals the style of Dravidians art work which depicts their rich culture and brilliant architectural skills.

There are beautifully carved images on the pillars of the Hidimbeshwara temple and the ceiling has carved designs of sublime beauty with decorated walls of fine art works and the paved floors made of stone are worth observing. Outside the of this Hidimbeshwara temple has unique sculpture and designs carved. This temple of Hidimbeshwara gives peace and devotion with its tranquil atmosphere around the cave.