Famous beaches in Andhra Pradesh

Famous beaches in Andhra Pradesh

The southern state of Andhra Pradesh is a home for the most scenic beaches in India. The beauty of these beaches lies in their nature. Which are pure and unspoiled. The beaches of Andhra Pradesh are mesmerizing, with sliver sand and golden sunshine. Many tourists visit Andhra Pradesh state to experience the rich gift of nature. All the beaches of Andhra Pradesh are unique in its own ways which are collectively being the parts of Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean.

Some of the famous beaches in Andhra Pradesh:

Rushikonda Beach
Dolphin Nose
Ramakrishna Beach
Perupalem Beach
Suryalanka Beach
Manginapudi Beach
Vodarevu Beach
Motupalle Beach
Mypad Beach
Kalingapatnam Beach

Kalingapatnam Beach:

The Kalingapatnam Beach has been recognized by the Andhra Pradesh state government as an important tourist place for promoting tourism in the state. Kalingapatnam Beach is one among the most popular tourist destinations of Andhra Pradesh located in Kalingapatnam of the Srikakulam District. A light house and the Buddhist Stupa are the main attraction of Kalingapatnam beach. The scenic beauty of the beach attracts many national and international tourists every year. The Kalingapatnam Beach was also an important sea port in the ancient times and was frequented by many European traders and merchants.

Rushikonda Beach:

Rushikonda beach is located about 8 km from Vizag city in Andhra Pradesh. Rushikonda beach is splurged in the golden glaze of sand. The scenic beauty of the Rishikonda beach attracts many tourists for those who enjoy water sports. The sun kissed sea of the Rishikonda Beach is the perfect place for the swimmers.

Ramakrishna Beach:

The Ramakrishna beach is located in Vishakhaptnam. The “Ramakrishna Beach” of Andhra Pradesh provides the tourist with the most exhilarating and thrilling experience. The exquisite natural and scenic beauty of the place attracts Indian and foreign tourist. This destination is garlanded by lush green hills, an aquarium, Kali Temple, Vishakha museum, a rare Submarine museum and the road side restaurants offering splendid sea food are the attractive spots near Ramakrishna beach.

Perupalem Beach:

The Perupalem Beach is located at a distance of 20 kilometers from the town of Narasapur situated in the West Godavari district. The town of Narasapur is well known for its historic background and the old buildings of the British era. The Perupalem Beach is however the crowning glory of the town. The Durga Laxmaneshwara temple is another attraction in the region.

Suryalanka Beach:

Suryalanka Beach is a blissful tourist spot with complete peace. The Suryalanka Beach is situated at a distance of 9 kilometers from the historical town of Bapatla, in the Guntur district. The natural beauty of the beach and its closeness to the town attracts tourists who often return to the quietude of the sea beach for the weekend. There are also good numbers of resorts and Hotels in Suryalanka Beach which are assured to provide a comfortable stay to the revelers.

Manginapudi Beach:

Manginapudi beach was once an important trading center and a gateway to India. It is located near Machillipatnam in Krishna District in Vijayawada. Manginapudi Beach has black soil. It is a historic port city, popular health resort and an ideal place for beach lovers. This scenic Beach is just perfect to spend some time in solitude amidst natural beauty. A park with fountains and well-lit surroundings are the best visiting place here.

Motupalle Beach:

The Motupalle Beach is located in the Motupalle Village in Ongole, Visakhapatnam of Andhra Pradesh. The lush greenery around the sea makes the beach appealing and a good spot for relaxation. The famous Bheemunipatnam Beach is also known as Bhimli. The Motupalle Beach is also a fantastic place for sunbathing. The rows of Casuarina Plantations that line the sea attract many tourists to this beach.