Doodh Pak Recipe

Doodh Pak Recipe

Ingredients Required:

Milk                     – ½ ltr
Rice                    – 1/4 cup
Sugar                  – 200 gms
Cardamon powder – 1 tsp
Saffron strands     – 5
Pista                    – 1tsp
Raisins                 – 2 tsp

Doodh Pak Preparation:

In warm water soak rice for 1 hour then make fine paste. (Almonds can be used instead of rice in the same process, soak them in water, peel them and grind to fine paste). In a tea spoon of warm milk dissolve the saffron strands and keep aside.

Now take a heavy bottomed pan, add milk and boil them by stirring constantly. Then add rice or almond paste of your choice and cook on low flame for 30 minutes, stirring constantly, now add saffron, sugar, pista and raisins and cook till the mixture thickens on low flame.

When Dhoodh Pak is ready add cardamom powder and put off the flame and serve hot or chilled.