Channar Payesh Recipe

Channar Payesh Recipe

Ingredients Required:

Cottage cheese – 1 cup (chenna)
Milk                  – 1/2 ltr
condensed milk – 1/2 Tin
sugar               – 2 tsp
Water               – ½ cup
Nuts                – 2 tsp
Raisins             – 2 tsp

Channar Payesh Preparation:

Mix sugar and water and make thin syrup. In another bowl put chenna (cottage cheese) and add the hot sugar syrup into it and blend it thoroughly.

In a deep bottomed pan add milk and boil, then add condensed milk and boil for few minutes on low flame. Now put off the flame and leave it aside till warm.

Now add the milk mixture to the cheese mixture, a spoon at a time And mix vigorously to form a homogenous mixture till all the milk is used up. Then pour the Channar Payesh into a bowl and garnish with   nuts and raisins and serve chilled.