Annavaram Temple

Annavaram Temple

Annavaram is one of the most famous Holy Shrines in East Godavari Dist. Andhra Pradesh, India and enjoying the pilgrims second larger place after Tirupati . The temple is in the Dravidian style. The glory and richness of Lord SATYADEVA was widely described in Revakhanda of  Skandapuranam. The presiding god Lord Satyadeva with his consort Sri Anantha Lakshmi on one Side and Lord Siva on the other side took his abode on Ratnagiri, which is named after Ratnakara, son of Meru the king of holy mountains.

A unique Yantra based on Tripad Vibhuti Narayan Upanishad exists here. The temple is constructed in two storey, the lower one containing the Yantra and upper one accommodation for Vigrahas of  the Lord.

Like in all Divyakshetrams as surrounded and followed by holy rivers, Sri Satyanarayana Swamy at Annavaram is also followed by sacred Pampa River touching the feet of the hill. Lord Satyadeva the god of truth is showering his everlasting blessings on mankind in his beautiful manifested form of the DIVINE TRINITY namely Hari Hara Hiranya Garbha Thrimurtyatmaka. Hence this temple is attracting the Pilgrims of  both Vishanava and Saiva . Thousands of pilgrims from all over the Country are worshiping Lord Satyadeva every day for getting all sectional differences.

It is thought that this  place was known for constant food giving out (free feeding) by the kind  people of the locality . So this place was called by the name Annavaram(annam means food in Telugu). Another version is like the presiding deity of the temple blesses the devotees with anina varam (pronounced or wanted boon), the place is called Annavaram.

It is expected on an average about one lakh Vratas are performed here every year by couples generally. Marriages, thread marriages (upanayanam) are performed in large number. Chief festival days are Bhishma Ekadasi (Jan/Feb) and Kalyanotsavam, Vysakha Ekadasi (Apr/May) are important.

Hindus perform Sri Satyanarayana Vratham throughout India for weath, education, prosperity, off spring, relief from troubles and sickness and success in business. When it cames  famous that Lord Satyanarayana had manifested Himself on the Ratnagiri hills at Annavaram in exclusive form of combining the Trimurthis i.e. Brahma, Vishnu and Siva the number of pilgrims from far and near swelled to hundreds and thousands. The verage turnout daily is about five thousand now a-days. As Ekadasi is considered to be very promising for the Vratham, the individual devotees perform  it  even on other convenient days. The great popularity behind the  Vratham springs from the experiences narrated in stories and legends and also from the  faith gained by observances in daily life.